Jobs and Internships in the Public Sector

Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Political Science, Art History

Do any of those sound like your interests or even your major?

The Federal Government is hiring people with all kinds of backgrounds, so check out, an amazing resource which contains internships and jobs in the public sector. However it does not only contain job postings, it contains a D.C. housing guide as well as many tools to help you in your search for a job/internship.

If you are even entertaining the idea of a future in the public sector then you must check out the section entitled Why Public Service. One huge benefit of looking into Public Service is the fact that they are hiring, which is pretty key for those who are looking for jobs after graduation.

If you don’t think that the Public Sector has any jobs for you, just take a few minutes to poke around and you will see that their is are positions that cater to every kind of interest, from interning at the Smithsonian to being a physicist at the Department of Commerce.

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