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Outline for Tasks/To Do Lists Presentation

Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Tasks, To Do Lists
Chris Norris – Google presenter, Jim Beauchemin – Exchange presenter, Shel Sax- moderator

Thursday, Sept. 2nd, 11:00-12:00 noon, Library 105

Features to be evaluated:
1. Creation
- How are tasks created?
- What is the minimum amount of information required to create a task?
- Can tasks be created based on incoming emails?

2. Attributes
- Can a task be assigned to another person? How?
- Can a task have a due date? What happens if the due date passes?
- Can a task measure the % completed?
- Can a task have sub-tasks? (ie. a project with multiple tasks)
- Can a list of tasks be sorted? How?
- Can a task be assigned a priority? How?

3. Deletion
- What happens to a task when it is marked as completed?
- What happens to a task when it is deleted?

4. Recovery
- Can deleted tasks be recovered? How?
- Can completed tasks be UN-completed? How?

5. Sharing
- Can a task be shared and/or assigned to another individual?
- Can shared tasks be tracked? Is there a notification to the creator when a shared task is marked complete by an assignee?
- Can people other than the creator or assignee view tasks? How?

6. Access
- Desktop access?
- Web access?
- Mobile device access?
- Any limitations based on method of access?