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Pathways to Computing virtual research opportunity for undergraduates at Oak Ridge National Laboratory–apply now

The Pathways to Computing Virtual Internship Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a remote 10-week summer program that provides undergraduate students with learning opportunities in computer science, computational science, and mathematics. Students will be mentored by ORNL research and technical staff and will be able to make contributions to projects in diverse domains […]

Summer REU in Consumer Networking Technologies, Applications Due March 1

The REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Site is in the area of Consumer Networking Technologies and will investigate some important issues related to software-defined networking/virtualization, visual computing at the network edge, social health networking, body-area sensing and environment recognition. The REU Site is supported by NSF, MU Office of Research, MU Office of Undergraduate Research, the College of Engineering, and the Department of Electrical […]

New Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Opportunities (STEM)

The opportunities below have been submitted to the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). Check CUR for new listings. Architecture of Earthquakes in the Deep Crust: International Arctic Expedition Science for Undergraduates – Concord University, Montana State UniversityThis international, field-based REU in west Greenland explores a geologic record of earthquake rupture in the mid-crust Students will apply […]

What STEM Careers are in High Demand?

Have you ever wondered what the outlook might be for your STEM career five or even ten years out? Or maybe you are weighing your options for a chosen career path and need to know the type of degree that is required.

“Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) labor trends and workforce studies experts have culled through the BLS data and have summarized the outlook for several select STEM careers. With the right information in-hand—and a prestigious research experience to complement your education—you can increase the confidence you have when selecting a STEM career.”

Check out ORISE undergraduate opportunities for research participation programs with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency HERE.

RISE Summer Research Internships in Germany; Deadline Dec. 15

RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. RISE Germany offers undergraduate students from North American, British and Irish universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at top German universities and research institutions. Students are matched with a host university or institute according to their area of interest (biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering, […]

Interested in Ph.D programs in the Sciences But Wondering How You Will Pay?

A great resource for finding Ph.D programs that are fully funded is through the online ProFellow site, a go-to source for information on professional and academic fellowships, created by fellows for aspiring fellows. You can download their free Directory of Fully Funded Graduate Programs and Full Funding Programs (download it here!) which lists more than 500+ master’s and doctoral programs and awards that offer full tuition coverage and a stipend.

BUT – this list of programs is NOT exhaustive! There are many more programs like this in other disciplines in the U.S. and abroad. And you can find the right programs for your goals using a free tool: Google!

You can sign up for their free webinar 3 Ways to Find Fully Funded Graduate Programs Using Google“, which will show you how they found the programs that they’ve listed on ProFellow so you can do your own research on programs that will help you achieve your goals.

You can use Google and Google Scholar to:

  • Find fully funded master’s and doctoral programs in specific disciplines and research topics
  • Find fully funded master’s and doctoral programs in your local community or region
  • Find fully funded master’s and doctoral programs outside the U.S. 

Now might be a good time to think about grad school!