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Update: collection rearrangement in Davis Family Library

The book collections on the Main and Lower Levels of Davis Family Library have been rearranged in order to create room for the Music Library collections that will be moving later this month.  Updated paper copies of the building guide are available at the Circulation and Info Desks, and you may see updated plans online at go/davismap

New compact shelving was installed in the SE corner of the lower level, and all of the books in the “stacks” (aka general collection shelves) were shifted toward Z.   Therefor, if you’re used to finding your favorite PQ books in a specific spot, to find them now, keep following the alphabet toward Z until you run into them.

The Vermont Collection was moved to the middle of the lower level, as were the Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese Collections.   The VHS collection was moved to open shelves in the center of the Main Lvl just east of the Government Documents.

Upcoming Projects in Davis Library: shifting collections and installing more shelves.

It was announced last fall that the Music Library will be moving from the Mahaney Center for the Arts into Davis Family Library as soon as the semester ends in May. (For more details see http://sites.middlebury.edu/acrosscampus/2010/11/08/music-library-to-davis ) There’s a lot of preparation already under way and continuing in the coming weeks, and some of it may be noticeable to those working and studying in Davis Family Library.

The print collections from the Music Library will be placed on the upper level adjacent to the Panther Reading Room, overlooking Old Chapel.  The CD collection will be placed behind the Circulation Desk.  In order to make room for these collections in Davis, we’re adding a section of compact shelving in the SE corner of the lower level and shifting collections within the library.

A moving company will be arriving on Monday, March 14th to shift collections in the stacks and empty the shelves where the new shelving units are being installed.  On Thursday, March 24th a library shelving company will arrive, dismantle the fixed shelving, and then proceed with the installation of the compact shelving on the lower level. Some of this work will be very noisy, but we have timed the worst of it to take place during Spring Break.  Once the shelving is installed, the moving company will return on Monday, April 24th and continue shifting the collections.  The moving crews are accustomed to working in libraries where people are studying and will do their best to minimize the disruption; however there may be times when activity and noise is distracting.  Unfortunately, because we must be moved out of the CFA by June 1st, working during the semester is unavoidable.   The crews will routinely be working during the day, Mon-Fri, although there are a few times they’ll be working during the day on the weekend.  You should be able to count on the library being quiet after 5pm, and we have avoided having the movers here at all during exams.  Generally speaking, only those nearby the collections being shifted will notice the activity, and there will still be plenty of quiet study space available in the library.  Remember that the Music Library in the Mahaney Center for the Arts, The Armstrong Library in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, and the Axinn Center all have quiet study areas too.

If you need a book in an area where the movers are actively working, place a request at the Circulation Desk in person or by emailing library_circulation@middlebury.edu and it will be retrieved and held for you to pick up at the desk.

Both Facilities Services and Library & Information Services regret any inconvenience these projects may cause those studying in the library, and we thank you in advance for your patience with us, and your tolerance of any potential disruption.

Below please see an overview of the schedule.



Joseph Watson,Preservation & Processing Manger, LIS Facilities Coor.

Monday, March 14th: moving crew arrives -

  • Backshift bound Periodicals
  • Move PT2623-Z into vacated compact shelving for temporary storage
  • Shifts G & H books on the upper level to make room for GV class books from CFA
  • Shift Oversize Collection to make room for GV oversize
  • Shift Reference Collection to compact
  • Move VHS collection to vacated compact shelving east of Government Documents

Thursday, March 24th: shelving installer arrives –

  • Knock down vacated fixed shelving in SE corner of lower level, staging components in the Harman Periodicals Reading Area
  • Install new compact shelving section in the SE corner of the lower level.  This is expected to take about 25 days.

Monday, April 24th: moving company returns and continues collection shifts –

  • Move Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese collections to new compact shelving
  • Shift Vermont Collection
  • Shift lower level monographs
  • Shift main level monographs

(Scheduled to complete this portion of work Tuesday, May 3rd)

On Wednesday, May 18th: moving company returns to complete the collections shifts and move Music Library –

  • Adjust shelving on main level to accept N class books and move N class books from upper level to main level
  • Adjust the shelving on the upper level to accept music print collections
  • Move Music Library from Mahaney to Davis.

Music Library To Be Relocated To Davis

Last Saturday, the Middlebury Board of Trustees approved a project to relocate the Music Library from the Mahaney Center for the Arts (MCFA) into the Davis Family Library, moving the History of Art and Architecture Department into the vacated music library space.  This project is scheduled to begin next June, with completion hopefully by September.

The consolidation of the Music Library into Davis was proposed by the College Administration, with the stated aims of strengthening ties between the curriculum and the Middlebury Museum of Art, also located in the MCFA, and increasing the use of the MCFA building, which has declined substantially especially since the closing of the Rehearsals dining space.  The moves will also free up studio space in Johnson for the Program in Studio Art and Architectural Studies.

From the library perspective, it is my hope that incorporating the music collection into the Davis Family Library will increase the visibility of this fabulous library resource, one that has perhaps been underutilized due to its location on the periphery of the campus.  With almost 20,000 compact discs; over 18,000 scores; and 13,000 books about music, this is a tremendous resource for anyone with even a passing interest in music, encompassing everything from the latest contemporary classical and avant-garde works to jazz, blues, and popular music for study or recreational listening.  We hope that integration of the music collection into Davis will inspire the musically-curious to investigate our collection and take advantage of the riches it contains.

Moving a collection of this size entails, of course, a great deal of planning and no small amount of disruption, especially during the summer months of 2011.  LIS hopes that our constituents will bear with us through this transition period, and have patience for any temporary inconveniences you encounter.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at: Terry Simpkins (tsimpkin@middlebury.edu) 802-443-5045, Davis Family Library 202C