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Interested in sustainability and education?

There’s a winter term internship for that.

The Teton Science Schools are offering two internship opportunities to work with sustainability and education in Kelly, Wyoming over J-Term. Yes, really.

As an intern, you will have the chance to work on the school’s sustainability audit (STARS) and the development of a Sustainability Report, describing the outcomes of the audit and the school’s efforts towards sustainability. As part of this program, you will have the option to take a Winter Ecology Course (3-9 days) and work on the development of sustainability curriculum within the Field Education Program, including exploring pedagogy and field teaching, depending on your interests.

Interested? Of course you are. Head to MOJO today to apply!

Winter Term Internships: Deadlines extended to Oct. 21!

The Christian Science Monitor.

Green Chemistry Program.

Democracy for America.

Ah, you ask, what could these three things possibly have  in common?

They are all offering winter term internships for Middlebury students! (The Christian Science Monitor has also probably written about both the Green Chemistry Program and Democracy for America, but that’s beside the point).

So riddle me this: what do the New England Review, Roots for Health and Senator Patrick Leahy have in common?

Check out these awesome winter-term internships and more on MOJO. Apply today!

There’s a Winter Term Internship for that.

Notice the weather getting a bit chillier? Well don’t worry, it’s not time for winter just yet.

But it is time to start thinking about Winter Term internships. You’ve taken some classes, joined the crew team and started writing for Midd Geographic. What’s left on your Middlebury bucket list? Doing an internship, of course! Internships are a great way to explore a career field that interests you and gain some concrete experience and skills for that not-so-distant day when you enter the real world and find a job. Winter Term offers a unique chance to take on an internship for four weeks, either in the Middlebury area or abroad.

Want to take an EMT Course at UVM? There’s a WinterTerm internship for that.

How about working for the Christian Science Monitor in DC? There’s a Winter Term internship for that.

Hoping to learn more about the global water crisis in Ghana? There’s even a Winter Term internship for that.

Ready for your Winter Term internship? Come to the Winter Term Internship Information Session, this Thursday, Sep. 27! There are two sessions, one at 12:15 pm in Bi Hall 148, and the other at 4:30 pm in the Hillcrest Orchard. So you really have no excuse not to be there. You can learn more about the internship opportunities, as well as how to apply for academic credit.

What will your Winter Term internship be?

Still Haven’t Found the Internship For You?

For all of you still struggling to lock down your summer plans, don’t lose hope yet! There’s still a lot out there to choose from–especially when it comes to the environmental studies opportunities. See below for a list of 6 very cool summer internships that involve farming, food advocacy, environmental justice, and research. Remember, you can still apply for funding for unpaid internships for the last and final time by May 14. To learn more about summer funding visit go/summer funding. Be sure to look at MOJO  to find out more and to apply!


Summer Internship Opportunities in Agriculture and Environmental Studies—Apply Now!

To learn more about these positions or to apply, visit MOJO today!

 1.       Food Activism Internship at Community Servings in Boston, MA

Deadline to Apply: April 13

Reporting directly to the CEO (Midd ’81, ’88), the intern will participate in a variety of activities within the agency–from working in the kitchen and delivering meals to sick clients, to shadowing the CEO in order to gain an understanding of the management of a complex nonprofit food program. Included will be a self-directed research project on high performing food programs throughout the US, with the opportunity to pitch ideas for expansion to the senior management team. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding from Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

2.       Paid Sustainability Internship at Li & Fung USA in NYC

Deadline to Apply: April 13

Based in New York City, LF USA is North America’s fastest growing provider of consumer apparel, accessories, footwear, and home fashions, and their internship program is an immersive 10-week paid program that provides rising junior and senior college students with hands-on experience in design, sales, marketing, production and various corporate functions. Responsibilities of the sustainability intern include implementing various green projects, managing and contributing to LF’s green site, organizing high profile green events, and more!

3.       Paid Food and Farm Intern at Vermont Youth Conservation Corps in Richmond, VT

Deadline to Apply: April 15

This hands-on experience allows interns to take part in all aspects of food production, from ecological soil management, plant propagation, to disease and pest control and raising pasture poultry. Interns will be responsible for daily chores and upkeep of the farm, and be active participants in CSA pick-ups and farmers market sales. Interns will be encouraged to work on individual projects focused on improving the farm, sustainable agriculture, education, or food justice, and be supported by the Food & Farm Coordinator in this initiative. This opportunity is available for graduating seniors as well as undergraduates.

4.       Paid Marketing and Production Intern at Marie Veronique Organics in Berkeley, CA

Deadline to Apply: April 15

Marie Veronique Organics is a natural, organic skin care company located in Berkeley and offers award-winning natural skin care. This intern position will report to the Director of Business Development and will include Online Marketing, Customer Service, and Production Support. This is an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing start-up in the green beauty industry, and the CEO is a Midd grad!

5.       Summer Intern at Heyday Farm in Bainbridge Island, Washington

Deadline to Apply: April 15

Heyday Farm is two newly renovated historic farms (25 acres total) on the south end of Bainbridge Island that is a hub for promoting sustainable agriculture in partnership with other local organizations. They are looking for an intern to actively participate in some or all of the following areas: Livestock care (poultry, pig, cattle), fence building, land clearing and soil preparation, greenhouse plant propagation, produce preparation (egg and chicken processing), record keeping, and ‘in-the-field’ training. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

6.       Campus Sustainability Assessment Intern at the University of Chile in Santiago

Deadline to Apply: April 30

The University of Chile faculty has been working on a transversal sustainability initiative over the last 2 years that includes changes to the curriculum, promoting service learning and public workshops, and establishing a recycling program. This intern will propose and apply a methodology for comprehensive sustainability assessment, using the STARS system (https://stars.aashe.org/) and adapting it to the University. The impact of the intern’s work will be important for advancing sustainability on our campus and also for promoting sustainability on other Chilean campuses. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.


Summer Internships in Theater and the Arts–Apply Now!

Even though Spring Break has passed and the semester is halfway over, MOJO is still teeming with awesome internship opportunities for Midd kids this summer. This week I’ll highlight internships in a variety of career fields so that you can get the latest and greatest in MOJO offerings. To learn more about his internships or to apply, visit MOJO today.

Also–if your internship is unpaid you can apply for funding from Middlebury at go/summerfunding. The next deadline to apply for funding is April 4th.

 Summer Internships in Theater and the Arts:

  1. Art Teacher Assistant at Multi Arts in Hadley, MA

Deadline to Apply: April 15

Work with fantastic professional artists and expand your potential as a teacher and artist by assisting with the Multi Arts Day Camp. Responsibilities include helping children with art projects, creating and developing lesson plans, teaching art classes, coordinating stagecraft and costume design, and planning games and artistic activities for campers. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding from Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

  1. Paid Administrative Intern at the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury, VT

Deadline to Apply: April 13

Interning at the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury will allow you to get excellent hands-one experience in all areas of management and production! The position includes handling contracts, promotional materials, email blasts, programming as well as, working as assistant stage manager, operating the light and sound boards, assisting with load-ins and talent hospitality, selling tickets and assisting the front-of-house staff as needed.

  1. Arts Festival Administrator at Valley Arts Foundation and Festival in Waitsfield, VT

Deadline to Apply: April 20

 The Valley Arts Foundation is a small non-profit located in the Mad River Valley, Vermont. It puts on the annual Vermont Festival of the Arts, which has been chosen for three years in a row as one of Vermont’s Top 10 Summer Events.  As an intern, you will assist the Executive Director in the administration and execution o f the 2012 Vermont Festival of the Arts by offering administrative and organizational assistance. Additionally, the administrative intern will be responsible for one event during the festival and take ownership of the entire project. Midd alum Karen Nevin ’85 is offering this opportunity. *Although this internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding from Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

4 Summer Internships in Government and Politics–Apply Now!

For all of you PoliSci people out there, you’d better head over to MOJO and check out all of the awesome summer internship opportunities currently available for you. I’ve highlighted a few that have deadlines coming up in the next week or so, but be sure to go on MOJO to see the latest and greatest on these positions and MORE! I know I’ve got my eye on a few in DC that seem particularly exiting! Remember, if your internship is unpaid, you can apply for funding from Middlebury–just go to go/summerfunding to learn more!

1. Paid Office of the Secretary Fellowship at the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC

Deadline to Apply: March 18

The Department of the Interior is the nation’s principal conservation agency.  In addition to protecting America’s natural and cultural resources, the Department also manages about one-fifth of the land in the United States that supply 30 percent of the nation’s energy production. This internship program provides placement for qualified college students to work in the Office of the Secretary of the Interior giving them the opportunity to work with some of the Department’s senior policy advisor in areas such as the Office of Congressional Affairs, the Office of Communications, the Office of External Affairs, the Scheduling Office, and the Office of the Executive Secretariat.


2. Summer Internships with Senator Patrick Leahy in Montpelier & Burlington, VT; Washington DC

Deadline to Apply: March 18

If you have an active interest in government, you should consider the unique experience of joining Sen. Leahy’s staff as an intern! The internship program provides an opportunity to experience the legislative process at work while becoming an integral part of the Senator’s office.  Internships are available in the Burlington, Montpelier, and Washington, DC offices. Each intern will be given a variety of tasks, including researching legislative issues, drafting letters and memoranda, attending hearings and briefings, and performing general administrative duties. **Although this opportunity is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

3. City Government Internships at the NYC Mayor’s Office in NYC

Deadline to Apply: March 30

City government internships allow students to make important contributions to the City while participating in a challenging and rewarding work experience. Interns participate in a special seminar series that features top City officials presenting overviews of municipal government, specific agencies, and the latest issues confronting the City, and get an insider’s look into the workings of city government and its very departments. Morgan Jones ’04 kindly alerted us to this opportunity. **Although this opportunity is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

4. Editor, Research, and Publications Assistant at the US Dept. of Education in Washington, DC

Deadline to Apply: March 31

The U.S. Department of Education is the agency of the federal government that establishes policy for, administers and coordinates most federal assistance to education. It assists the president in executing his education policies for the nation and in implementing laws enacted by Congress. As an intern, you will contribute to the editing and publishing of manuscripts about education, perform research as requested by editors to help with publishing assignments, help with the lobby exhibit program by contacting arts advisers, teachers and principals and compiling exhibit information for openings. **Although this opportunity is unpaid, you can apply for funding through Middlebury at go/summerfunding.

Midd-Friendly CLIMB Internships offer Incredible Summer Opportunities in a Range of Industries–Apply Now!

Colorado Leaders, Interns, Mentors in Business (CLIMB) is a 10-week summer internship program in Denver, Colorado designed exclusively for Harvard, Middlebury, MIT, Stanford, Brown and Yale students! Housing is provided FEE for all CLIMB interns, all positions are paid, and the program offers valuable alumni mentoring. There are 14 varying internships positions now accepting applications that offer a variety of career experiences and span a number of industries including: Arts & Entertainment, Communications & Media, Business & Professional Services, Consulting, Environment & Energy, Healthcare, Non Profit, Science & Technology, and more!

To learn more about the CLIMB internships or to apply, head over to MOJO today!

To get an idea of what the CLIMB Summer Internship Program offers, I’ve highlighted a few interesting opportunities:

-Capacity Building Intern at The Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

-Design and Marketing Intern at FlixMaster, Inc

-Water Engineering Intern at Wright Water Engineers

-Research Analyst at NewsGator

Deadline to apply on MOJO  March 14-16