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Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 10

Your To Do for Week Ten:

You’ve been working hard all #NoFailFall to set yourself up for success — now, for your last week, celebrate by applying to jobs or internship listings that excite you. Your Handshake profile is looking sharp… it’s time to put it to good use!

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 9

Your To Do for Week Nine:

This week of Handshake’s #NoFailFall, carve out your place in Handshake’s community!

One of the best ways to help other job-seekers on Handshake is to review your experience in a role. It’s quick to write feedback about what you liked, what you wish was different, and advice for other students considering similar roles. ⁠⁠You can also answer other users’ questions (such as “what skills will help me succeed as a summer analyst at a major investment bank?”) and ask new ones to hear advice from folks who’ve been there.

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 8

Your To Do for Week Eight:

This week of Handshake’s #NoFailFall, follow a few employers that catch your eye. ⁠

Did you know that following companies on Handshake has a benefit? You’ll receive notifications whenever employers you follow post jobs or attend events for students at your school. Plus, you’re showing us what sorts of organizations you’re interested in so that we can recommend more relevant jobs for you.

In short, you’re making your Handshake experience better now AND in the future!

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 7

Your To Do for Week Seven:

This #NoFailFall, help teach Handshake to recommend the best jobs for you!

Saving jobs, internships, volunteer positions, and other listings that interest you shows us what types of opportunities you want to see in the future. Plus, saving listings makes it easy to find them again when you’re ready to apply.

⁠⁠Get more tips for improving your job recommendations here.

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 6

Your To Do for Week Six:

This week of Handshake’s #NoFailFall, log into Handshake and see what virtual events you can attend.

Navigate to the events page using the top menu bar, then use the “Virtual” filter.

Register for an event that interests you, and don’t forget to sign up for 1:1 and group sessions with employers in advance to save your spot.

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 5 of #NoFailFall

Your To Do for Week Five:

Did you know that you can upload a resume to your Handshake profile?

For Handshake’s 5th week of #NoFailFall: make sure your latest documents are added to your profile. That way, you can use the “Quick Apply” feature on many job listings to apply in mere minutes!

⁠⁠Pro-tip: if you plan to apply to several different types of jobs, you can upload multiple resumes. Tailor each one to highlight relevant skills and experience for different roles.

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 4 of our #NoFailFall

Your To Do for Week Four:

This #NoFailFall (and all year round), be sure to keep your interests updated!

These are common fields that employers use to search for potential candidates, so including them in your profile is essential to getting recruited.

💡 You can update interests anytime, so don’t worry about changing your mind—it’s natural!