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Google Apps Evaluation Summary: Other (Google Perspective)

Here is a summary of an evaluation of “other” features of Google Apps not covered in other presentations such as Google Docs, Sites, Chat, Media and Marketplace see:
Google Apps Evaluation Summary: Other (Google perspective) – Google Doc
Google Apps Evaluation Summary: Other (GooglePerspective) – PDF format

EDUCAUSE Webcast: Google Apps at Brown

Everyone is welcome at Davis Family Library 105 at 1pm on Wednesday, August 18th for the re-scheduled EDUCAUSE webcast that focuses on Brown’s experience with Google Apps!

Description of the event from the EDUCAUSE website: “About a year ago, Brown deployed Google Apps to its 6,000 students and has now decided to extend the service to include faculty and staff as well. In this Webcast, we’ll hear about how these decisions were made, the options considered, difficulties surmounted, and successes to date.