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New hire in Service Requests

I am happy to announce our new hire. 

Brett Wells has accepted the position of Computing Specialist II in Service Request, he will start on June 4th.  Brett is coming from the University of Vermont, College of Medicine where he has done similar work with the helpdesk as a Technical Support Specialist.  Prior to the helpdesk at UVM, he had his own business as a Master Electrician.  Brett will feel right at home with our new hardware team, bringing with him many certifications: Dell Technician, A+ Certification, Windows Enterprise Desktop Technician, and Network Administrator.  This local New Haven resident is looking forward to starting at Middlebury College and working with our team.

Planned network maintenance & outage this Sunday

Notice of Network upgrade & planned outage:

Dear colleagues,
Since this planned network maintenance affects everyone, we want to give you an advance head’s up on what will be happening so your area can let us know of any complications that we may have missed or make alternate arrangements during the outage periods that will take place this Sunday August 19th.

We will perform this work on Sunday, August 19, beginning at 6:00am – approx. 12:00 noon EST.   There will be (2) 15-20 minute network outage periods. The first will occur at approx. 6:15am, the second sometime between 9-11am, with a 15min notification preceding the outage.

How this affects you: 
During the two brief 15 min intervals when we are switching core function from the primary network core to the replacement network core, and back from the replacement core to the primary, nobody on or off campus will have access to network services (this means all systems will be unavailable – Email, Banner, middfiles, everything including our websites &   The Snow Bowl will also have no phone service during the 15 min intervals.

In addition, during the entire maintenance period (6am – approx. noon), network performance may be slower than normal as we will be running on a temporary network setup while we perform the work.

What & Why:
Network core routing functionality and high-speed connectivity for our campus internet is provided by a pair of routing switches, one in Voter, the other in the Library.   Currently these two switches function independently, with no overlap or redundancy in their function.  Any particular sub-network is routed on a single switch.   Any campus building is ultimately connected to the rest of the campus internet at a single switch.   Thus a failure of either switch would cause a total loss of network connectivity for a significant portion of the campus, even if the other switch were working. 

This project will  improve our redundancy and network availability by eliminating either switch as a “single point of failure” adding redundant links in a way that the functions currently provided only by the Voter switch can be duplicated by the Library’s and reduce risk of a total loss of connectivity.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Software folder on Middfiles

LIS will be improving your access to software that you may want to download this summer. The folder, called “Software” resides on Middfiles and gives you access to printer drivers, licensed software, patches and updates.  You will see this evolve into different folders, and access will be given via groups in the network directory system.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.
Lisa Terrier

New Access to Software

Over the next few weeks I will be working on consolidating all of the software installers that are currently on the college servers into a new server folder structure.  All software installers that we have in electronic version will be on middfiles\Software2 and then once the permissions are in place will rename the folder to middfiles\Software.   Duplicating all software in the Software2 folder allows us to keep the current structure in place until the new one is complete.

This new structure will allow granting of access to installers to those who need them, reducing the need for LIS staff to perform installations for our entire community.  It will also give us a central storage location for the college software.  Remember that we will have both folders (Software2 & Software) for a short time to make sure everyone has what they need.   I hope to have this in place by Sept 17th.  Please let me know if you have any questions on this process.

Lisa Terrier
Senior Technology Specialist