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2020 Form W-4 Changes

The 2020 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate, is very different from previous versions. This is due to the federal tax law changes that took place in 2018. One of the goals for the update is to replace complicated worksheets with more straightforward questions to employees and to enhance employee privacy.

All newly hired employees after January 1st, 2020 will be required to complete the new W-4 form. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not requiring current employees to complete the revised form unless you make changes to your withholdings after January 1st. Please note: if you do not submit a new form, withholding will continue based on your previously submitted form.

Even though the IRS does not require all employees to complete the revised form, you may wish to perform a “paycheck checkup” to see if you need to make adjustments to your current withholding. To conduct the checkup, you can use the IRS’s Tax Withholding Estimator ( To effectively use the estimator, it is helpful to have a copy of your most recent pay stub and tax return. It is likely that the estimator will be updated to account for the 2020 tax tables in early January.

The IRS has also published Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful as you complete the form (

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Payroll or HR.

Staff participation in Veteran’s Day event

To far right carrying the rifle is Christy Fry, Assistant Director of ISSS

On Monday, November 11, Christy represented veterans (and her own military experience in various branches of the military) as a member of her American Legion Post 24 in Woodstock, VT. The Post provided a Veteran’s Day Ceremony that included presenting a color guard (with rifle escort) and Christy was selected to read the poem In Flanders Fields to those gathered for the event in Woodstock, VT.


The College will be closed for the December break beginning at 5:01pm on Friday, December 20, 2019 through 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. The following changes have been made to the time entry and time approval deadlines.


  • Deadline for submitting AND approving time – Friday, 12/13/19 at NOON (12:00pm)
    •  Remember to submit your time prior to NOON to allow supervisors adequate time to approve timesheets; please note, the pay period is 12/02/19-12/15/19 and does not include any Holiday time.
  • Paychecks* will be delivered through regular campus mail on Friday, 12/20/19
  • Paychecks* and direct Deposits will be dated Friday, 12/20/19


  • Deadline for submitting AND approving time – Wednesday, 12/18/19 at NOON (12:00pm)
    •  Remember to submit your time prior to NOON to allow supervisors adequate time to approve timesheets; please note, the pay period is 12/16/19-12/29/19 and does include Holiday time.
  • Paychecks* will be delivered through regular campus mail on Friday, 1/03/20
  • Paychecks* and direct deposits will be dated Friday, 1/03/20

Holiday pay time entry procedures go/middpoints

*Sign up for direct deposit go/payroll/direct deposit

Please inform all your staff of this change in the payroll schedule

Payroll/Human Resources

Holiday/Floating Holiday Schedule FY20

This calendar is included below and will also be available on the Human Resources website.

Holiday/Floating Holiday Schedule:

  Observance TypeJuly 1, 2019   to June 30, 2020 (FY20)
Independence DayFHJul. 4, 2019
Labor DayFHSept. 2, 2019
Thanksgiving BreakHNov. 28 – 29, 2019
Year-End Holiday BreakHDec. 23, 2019–Jan. 1, 2020
Martin Luther King DayHJan. 20, 2020
Memorial DayFHMay 25,2020

Holiday Breaks and Floating Holidays begin at close of business the day before the designated holiday (or holiday break) and end at 11:59 pm on the designated holiday (or holiday break).

Holiday (H) – On designated Holidays all Middlebury operations are closed, except for a small number of mission-essential functions such as Public Safety, the heating plant, etc., which may run on reduced capacity. The actual total number of Holidays may vary slightly from year-to-year depending on whether or not year-end holidays fall on a weekend day. Benefits-eligible staff employees record “Holiday” on their timesheets for designated Holidays which occur on days on which they would otherwise have been scheduled to work. Most non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees who are required to work on a designated holiday are eligible for Holiday Premium Pay in addition to regular and Holiday pay. (Employees who are not eligible for Holiday pay due to their non-benefits-eligible status may nonetheless be eligible for Holiday Premium Pay if they are required to work on a designated holiday.)

Floating Holiday (FH) – On designated Floating Holidays most administrative and some operational departments are closed, however certain academic areas are open as are departments providing direct support to those academic areas. Area VPs (or their designees) will determine which departments or functions may close in observance of the holiday and which must remain open and be staffed. Employees who do not work on a designated Floating Holiday record time away as “CTO” (note: time is built into CTO accruals to cover these days).  Employees who are required to work on a designated floating holiday earn regular (not premium) pay and do not record CTO.