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Access to e-content: permanent or not?

We have online access to a large number of journals and newspapers.  The terms governing our access vary considerably, and can change with the passage of time.  One of the most important aspects of our access is the extent to which it is dependable and permanent.  Following is an attempt to illustrate the range of stability of our electronic offerings.

The most stable and permanent situation is when we have a subscription with the publisher to a specific journal or packaged group of journals (e.g. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis).  In this case we have guaranteed permanent access to all material published during the years of our subscription.  Often we will also have access to a backfile of material published before our subscription started.  In some cases we are assured continuing access to this backfile, while in other cases ongoing access to any material dating from before the start of our subscription is not guaranteed. Continue reading

LIS Comes in Third in Bike-to-Work Challenge!

Congratulations to Sue Driscoll, Kristin Geoghegan, Linda Knutson, and Brenda Ellis!

The Bike-to-Work Challenge was held the week of October 27th, and was sponsored by the Sunday Night Group and Middlebury College Bike Repair Shop.

The focus of the event was to encourage students, faculty and staff to ride their bicycles and to raise awareness about bike safety and maintenance as well as the physical and environmental benefits of riding a bicycle.

A $20 gift certificate to the Otter Creek Brewhouse Store was the third place prize!