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New replacement charges for lost items

LIS is making changes to our default replacement charges for lost library materials. We calculated the average cost of both books and DVDs over the past three years. To that average, we have added $20 for processing and labeling. The new replacement fees are as follows:

Books and music scores: $70 (previously $100)
DVD and other media: $45 (previously $40)
Browsing books remain unchanged at $30
ILL and NExpress items will remain unchanged at $100
Equipment costs will vary, depending on the item

Along with this change, we will no longer be accepting replacements provided by the patron. This practice has proven to be time consuming for staff, and does not always guarantee an exact replacement of the lost item. Please comment below or email questions to library_circulation@middlebury.edu.

Default Replacement Values for Library Material

Submitted by Elin Waagen

The cost of replacing library materials has gone up.
After careful consideration and collaboration between Collections Management and Circulation Services, we have updated default replacement values to match the increased cost of replacing lost or damaged library materials.
Please note that effective March 1, 2009, the following changes will be in effect:
Books (including ILL and NEXpress), Music scores, Gov Docs – $100
Media – $40
Browsing Collection Books – $30
Equipment – $25-$2000, depending on the item
Default replacement values include a processing fee of $20