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Help with Google Earth

Submitted by Carrie Macfarlane

This year, we will continue to support geospatial applications like Google Earth and Google Maps through student tutors in the Wilson Media Lab at the Main Library, but we’ve altered the scope of our services a bit.

Like last year, all tutors have been trained in Google Earth and related applications, and a few tutors have additional expertise.  Unlike last year, we won’t be able to do in-depth GIS (geospatial information systems) projects during the school year.  During the school year, we’ll only be able to help people with projects.  During the summer, as long as we have student tutors with GIS skills, we should be able to DO projects for people.

Anyone who would like assistance with geospatial projects can visit the Wilson Media Lab on the main level of the Main Library, or send a request for assistance to DigitalMediaTutors@middlebury.edu.