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Banner & Hyperion Systems will be down for maintenance tonight Monday Jan 21

The Banner Systems (both INB & SSB/ Banner Web) as well as EPM Hyperion Reporting will be unavailable tonight Jan 21 and Fri evening Jan 25.


Monday January 21- All users logged out of Banner by 9pm ET (6pm Pacific) –  Banner System will be available after3am ET (12am PacificTuesday January 22.

This means time card entry/approval will not be available Monday evening Jan 21 after 9pm EST but will be available on Tuesday morning Jan 22 after 3am EST.

Friday January 25 – All users logged out of Banner by 9pm ET (6pm Pacific) –  Banner System will be available after3am ET (12am PacificSaturday January 26.

What is happening during this time?  We have scheduled a Load Test to be run against our production Banner Web system.  During the system load test personnel from Middlebury College will work in conjunction with technicians at Ellucian to simultaneously Load Test and Performance Tune our Banner Database Server and the Banner Web (SSB) environments.   To facilitate the testing all users must log out of Banner and remain logged out beginning at 9pm Eastern Time (6pm Pacific) each night until 3am Eastern Time(12 am Pacific) the following morning.  Any user remaining in the system after 9pm ETwill be forcibly logged out by systems administration.

We appreciate your patience & cooperation as we continually strive for improved performance on these critical systems.

Carol Peddie

Associate Dean, LIS

Director Enterprise Applications

LIS Planned Network & Systems Outages Dec 22-28

There will be a number of planned network and systems service outages over the holiday break between Dec 22-28 as we upgrade network infrastructure that includes wiring, appliances and servers within our Data Centers and throughout the Middlebury campus. If you will not be on campus there will be minimal impact, short interruptions when you will not be able to reach network related services at the College remotely, however for those of you on campus, there are particular locations impacted by extended network outages (please keep reading).

Concerning the buildings that will be most impacted by extensive network rewiring, we have already notified the occupants and/or are working around others work schedules.

A detailed schedule is below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Saturday Dec 22 6am – 5pm EST

  • We expect several short ( 1-5 min) interruptions of on campus servers (Middfiles, web, email, library and academic systems – this does NOT include Banner)
  • We also expect several (3 to 5) short interruptions (a few minutes, typically much less) and 1 longer (10-15 minutes) interruption of Internet connectivity.  There will be an extended outage of middunplugged ; not middsecure or middstandard).
  • Buildings that will see longer periods of downtime (the majority of the day) are:  DKE, Centenno, CFA, Athletics (offices, pool, rink), Kirk, Stadium, Hadley House, McKinley House, Caddy Shack

Sunday Dec 23 6am – 5pm EST

  • We will be performing maintenance on network components built out with redundancy that include the network core, while we do not expect any global downtime, we have scheduled this work during this maintenance window as a preventative measure.
  • Buildings that will see longer periods of downtime (the majority of the day) are:  Service Building, Starr Hall, Prescott, Brackett, Bowker Barn, Palmer, Brooker, Module Houses, Recycling

Wed Dec 26 8:00am – 5:00 pm EST

  • We expect brief (typically less than 1 minute, occasionally as long as 10 minutes) of network connectivity to buildings throughout the campus.
  • We expect a 5-10 minute network outage each to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor of BiHall.
  • Emma Willard, Marbleworks, Court House & Painter will not be affected (if possible)

Thurs Dec 27  & Friday Dec 28 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

  • We expect brief (typically less than 1 minute, occasionally as long as 10 minutes) of network connectivity to buildings throughout the campus
  • Buildings that will see longer periods of downtime (the majority of the day)  are:  McCullough, Stewart, Robert A. Jones

Carol Peddie

Associate Dean, Library & Information Services, Director Enterprise Applications

Planned weekend maintenance – Sept 2

This Sunday Sept 2 we will finalize our work on the new network architecture. This will result in a planned  15-30 minute outage that is scheduled for approx. 6:30-7:00 am EST. Please remember during this time, nobody on or off campus will have access to network services (this means all systems will be unavailable – Email, Banner, middfiles, everything including our websites &   The Snow Bowl will also have no phone service during the outage.  

In addition Ellucian will be performing some work on the Banner systems to improve some of the recent performance issues we have experienced in the past few weeks.   Banner will be offline from approx. 8am-10am while this maintenance is performed.


6:30 –  approx. 7:00am EST – network maintenance – all systems unavailable

8:00- approx. 10:00 am EST Banner systems will be unavailable

 We will send around a message once all systems are back up and available – we approximate this to be around 10am.

 Thank you again for your continued patience and cooperation while we perform this important work.

Manager’s Meeting Notes, August 9, 2012

(Apologies for late post) All managers shared their plans for the startup of the fall semester.

Peggy Fischel: New public color printer (Kyocera) will be installed on lower level of Davis Family Library after LS ends. Will update printing documentation in LIS wiki and post the news to the LIS Blog.

Joe Durante: Will be hiring more students for HelpDesk. This should allow other HelpDesk staff to spend more time on keeping online documentation updated. Joe asks us all, as usual, to share with him any feedback regarding HelpDesk students.

Joseph Watson: We are officially out of office space in the Davis Family Library.

Lisa Terrier:

  • Within HelpDesk, staff in Labs and Service Requests have now merged.This should allow staff to focus more on defined areas of specialization, build in more overlap for support, and create a more comfortable work environment.
  • Sometime after LS, LIB105 will be shut down for upgrades.
  • New Macs will get the new Mac OS. New Mac labs will get the new OS too. Older Macs and older Mac labs will have the older Mac OS. it’s likely that there will be software conflicts. HelpDesk is working on it.

Petar Mitrevski: 4 new smart classrooms this summer, a few more before the fall semester.

Dan Frostman: New digital film/fiche readers coming (2 to Davis, 1 to Armstrong). Should be able to scan, print to networked printers. HEAT Replacement Team: Two top contenders, one of which was bought out and no longer offers a hosted solution. Hm.

Dave Ludwig: Last year, Admissions went paperless. All application information (student grades, papers, essays, etc.)  is now in a system called Nolij. All faculty and staff who used to consult the paper application packets will receive Nolij training in the coming weeks. That includes Commons staff and FYSE faculty. Fortunately, people say that Nolij is “very easy to use.”

Chris Tangora: Many Segue sites migrated, many more to go. Segue will be decommissioned on Aug 31 as planned. A separate meeting will convene to discuss communication and tech shutdown steps.

Carrie Macfarlane:

  • We have a new Science Data Librarian, Wendy Shook, and she’ll be contacting managers and staff in LIS to learn about her job as a librarian and liaison.
  • We’re preparing for new faculty orientation and workshops for new students. Please keep us informed of changes to services so that we can be sure to share the latest advice.
  • Coordination within LIS for new student welcome packets and events is getting better every year! Coordination with external groups seems to be improving, too.
  • Remember that you can refer questions about library/research to us even when we’re not “on duty.”

Jim Stuart:

  • Getting classes folders ready for fall semester.
  • Installing networked printer at 118 Storrs Ave (Center for Social Entrepreneurship).
  • Complete network outages planned for Sunday August 19 to allow for work that will improve network redundancy & eliminate single points of failure.

Joe Antonioli:

  • The Portal will be the default homepage on public computers
  • Segue will be decommissioned on August 31st
  • Course Hub now has links to course folders –

Area 51 Notes, Dec 16, 2011

Senior Leadership Team Notes
December 16,  2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Chris Norris, Shel Sax, Carol Peddie, Mary Backus, Terry Simpkins and Doreen Bernier

We discussed two change management proposals.  Web server maintenance is scheduled for Sunday morning, Dec. 18th and the following systems will be affected.

  • LIS digital archives
  • Primary MySQL Database server for Middlebury and MIIS web sites
  • File Server for Computer Science
  • Web application services for Middlebury and MIIS primary web sites.

These systems will not go down, but editing and changes will not be saved during this time frame.  An email to the community will be sent out in advance.

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AD Team changes

We recently welcomed Chris Norris as a new member of the AD Team. Some of Chris’ work as a Senior Technology Strategist involves planning for business continuity & disaster recovery, keeping current on emerging technologies and trends and using analytics and monitoring data to help assess processes and systems. We are pleased to welcome Chris to the LIS Administration team and look forward to his added insights and fresh perspectives.
The week of Oct 18 we will also be welcoming Danna Gianforte, as the newly hired Director of Enterprise Applications .

The newly expanded LIS Administration Team ( AD’s) now consists of the following members:
Mary Backus, Director User Services
Doreen Bernier, Assistant to the Dean of LIS
Danna Gianforte, Director Enterprise Applications
Mike Lynch, Director Central Systems & Networks
Chris Norris, Senior Technology Strategist
Carol Peddie, Associate Dean, LIS
Mike Roy, Dean of LIS
Shel Sax, Director Educational Technology, CTLR
Terry Simpkins, Director Research & Collection Services