Weekly Web Updates – November 18, 2019

This week we’ve updated WordPress to the new 5.3 version. This brings in a number of accessibility improvements to the block editor, including several which were identified by the audit commissioned by the WPCampus Higher Education WordPress users group.

This update also includes an admin email verification feature. Every six months, when you log into a WordPress site where you have Administrator privileges, you’ll be asked to verify the central contact email for your site. This is a helpful and important feature that will help us understand which sites are being actively maintained and who to contact should we need to change one of the features that site uses. More information about admin email verification is available here.


  • Drupal 8.7.10
  • Drupal allowed_formats 8.x-1.2
  • Drupal link 7.x-1.7
  • WordPress 5.3
  • WordPress badgeos plugin 3.3
  • WordPress bbpress plugin 2.6.1
  • WordPress enable-media-replace plugin 3.3.7
  • WordPress ml-slider plugin 3.15.2
  • WordPress regenerate-thumbnails plugin 3.1.2
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 4.9.11
  • WordPress hueman theme 3.4.31
  • WordPress responsive theme 3.26.1

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The Big Number chart component in Drupal 8 now supports decimal places and the percent bar chart type will show the numeric percents next to the category labels.
  • The 25th Reunion site for the class of 1990 was using a third-party theme which is no longer supported due to an undisclosed security issue. We have remove the site.
  • A feature of the administration interface for the Non-College Housing site is no longer supported due to an undisclosed security issue. We have remove the code that provided this feature and notified the site admin of a workaround.
  • There is a new “blogger” role on the Library website for people who just need access to post news and blog items.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

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