Weekly Web Updates – November 11, 2019


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Clicking the Log out link in the site footer in Drupal 8 now properly and fully logs the user our of Drupal.
  • When adding profiles to a profile list component on the new Offices and Services site, you will now see the name of the office where that profile lives in parentheses to help distinguish in the case where a person has profiles in multiple offices.
  • MiddSTART and MiddGOAL are now manually updated, so we have removed the back-end connection to Banner, which may have been causing errors in other applications running on the same server, including the Online Directory.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

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