Weekly Web Updates – August 26, 2019

A new expectation for the undergraduate college asks instructors to make syllabi available to all students prior to the start of the semester. To support this effort and save instructors extra clicks when setting up their courses, the Course Hub now uses “Any Middlebury Person” as the default visibility when adding a syllabus to a course spaces in the Hub. “Public” and “The Class” visibility options are still available.


  • Drupal chosen 8.x-2.8
  • Drupal paragraphs 8.x-1.9
  • WordPress badgeos plugin 3.0
  • WordPress seriously-simple-podcasting plugin 1.20.9
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 4.9.7

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Resolved an issue in several MediaWiki sites where a cache table in the database got corrupted, which prevented information for new logins from being saved and trapping people in a redirect loop with CAS.
  • Drupal 8 sites now all have access to the “Quad Story Feature” and “Statistic Block” components and the FAQ component can be used on Top Level pages.
  • Updated the MCSE website logo.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

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