Weekly Web Updates – August 8, 2016

There is an ongoing issue with selecting individual images within Drupal gallery content types. Instead of the expected behavior of adding an individual image to the list, instead, when clicking on an image, the contents of the entire folder will display in the gallery. To work around this issue, create a tree item to contain each of your gallery items, and select that item when setting up the gallery. Then, adjustments to the gallery items can be made by adding/removing images from the container, but not within the gallery edit form itself.

For additional questions or help with a change to a gallery content type you manage, please fill out a Web Helpdesk ticket.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • The vertical index of the modal dialogs in Drupal was increased so that it is higher than other elements on the page, such as the tan taskbar, ensuring these page elements don’t bleed through.
  • Fixed the modal dialog on the Monster Menus Copy/Move page in Drupal so that the Add and Replace buttons work as intended.
  • Resolved a number of issues with captions and modal dialogs in the Gallery content type in our Drupal sites ensuring that the modal tree browser is displayed when editors click the Add button and that images in the gallery are shown if users have can read them.

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