New way to dial videoconferences between Middlebury, Monterey and DC

We now have a new (easier) way to make videoconference calls amongst our locations: a short alias (six digit number) can be used to place calls between videoconference rooms in Middlebury, Monterey and DC. It is no longer necessary to enter the entire (12+ character) IP address of our videoconferencing units. A list of all the aliases for our videoconference rooms is available here (login required.)

  • For example, if you wanted to place a call from the Service Building room 209 to Van Buren 499, you would simply enter 831499 on the videoconferencing unit in room 209.
  • Similarly, if Van Buren 499 wanted to place a call to our RAJ room, simply enter 802803 on the videoconferencing unit in Van Buren.
  • However, if another institution (e.g. another college) wanted to call any one of our rooms, they would still need to dial the IP address.
  • Similarly, if you needed to dial to another institution (e.g. another college) you would still need to dial the other institutions’s IP address.

Dialing the alias will route the call through our new infrastructure, ensuring call quality & reliability. In addition, dialing the alias will make it quicker and easier to make calls between our locations, since it’s shorter and easier to remember.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.

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