November 2012 Social Media Stats

The following stats refer to activity on the Middlebury College Facebook page, the Middlebury College Twitter account, and share buttons on the main Middlebury College website. The Facebook Insights and ShareThis data are for the period November 1-30, 2012. The Twitter stats are for the period September 17 – December 17, 2012.

Facebook Insights

  • 272 new people liked our Page, while 33 people unliked our Page.
  • 756 unique people shared stories about our page. These stories include liking our Page, posting to our Page’s Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one of our Page posts, answering a Question we posted, RSVPing to one of our events, mentioning our Page, phototagging our Page or checking in at our Place.
  • 32097 unique people saw one of the items shared in that way.
  • 57243 unique people saw content associated with our Page.

Top Five Facebook Posts

“Reach” is the number of people who saw the post. “Engagement” is the number of people who clicked on the post.

  1. Panther field hockey standout Lauren Greer has been named the Division III national player of the year for 2012. Reach: 5644, Engagement: 255
  2. Gardens, kitchens, and J-term classes inspire two recent Middlebury grads and one student to explore the business side of improving local eating options, and farmers’ bottom lines. Reach: 5548, Engagement: 252
  3. Middlebury College launches a new summer program for college students and recent grads, MiddCORE Immersion, on the campus of Sierra Nevada College, near Lake Tahoe. Reach: 5497, Engagement: 255
  4. What’s the spookiest, most obviously haunted location on the Middlebury College campus? Let us know what you think! Reach: 5467, Engagement: 641
  5. Research by Middlebury professor Anne Knowles is featured in Smithsonian Magazine. Reach: 5458, Engagement: 191


ShareThis is a service that tracks the clicks on the sharing buttons on our website. These buttons are shown on news postings, which are primarily found in the News Room, Arts, Sustainability, and Athletics sections of the site. On November 1, we moved these buttons from the bottom of the news posting into the right hand sidebar in an attempt to increase their visibility. For comparison, we include the numbers from October, 2012 to see if this had any effect, though because we had a very high-profile story in October (the visit of the Dalai Lama), we may not be able to get meaningful information from this sample.

Shares By Channel, November

  • Facebook: 83 Shares, 2918 Clicks
  • Twitter: 32 Shares, 197 Clicks
  • Email: 23 Shares, 140 Clicks
  • LinkedIn: 8 Shares, 0 Clicks

Shares By Channel, October

  • Facebook: 142 Shares, 1999 Clicks
  • Email: 62 Shares, 476 Clicks
  • Twitter: 34 Shares, 151 Clicks
  • LinkedIn: 9 Shares, 2 Clicks
  • Google+: 2 Shares, 0 Clicks

Top Five Shared Pages

  1. Greer is National Player of the Year. Shares: 9, Clicks: 533
  2. Six Football Players Honored By The NESCAC – Foote Is Player Of The Year, Patricia Is Rookie Of The Year. Shares: 6, Clicks: 444
  3. Middlebury launches new summer leadership and innovation program at Sierra Nevada College. Shares: 11, Clicks 311
  4. Middlebury establishes program in India. Shares: 4, Clicks 244
  5. Middlebury History Online makes its debut. Shares: 1, Clicks 157


Top five clicks.

  1. The Best College Libraries: Princeton Review List. 121 Clicks
  2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits Middlebury College. 99 Clicks
  3. Middlebury student produces dining tray for those on crutches. 46 Clicks
  4. Top Producers of U.S. Fulbright Students by Type of Institution, 2012-13. 39 Clicks
  5. Parents: What Did You Learn in School Today?. 37 Clicks

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