Area 51 notes, Dec. 6, 2012

Present: Present: Mike, Mary, Carol, Terry, Chris, Doreen
Security team members: Nate, Ian, David, Travis, Rick

The Security Team joined us with an update on recent activities, including:

  • roll out of a computer-based training program for College Advancement; Human Resources will be next;
  • revamp of the “roadshow” project from last year, focusing more on computer-based training and less about privacy;
  • web-based SASS survey; writing policy for the Data Classification Taskforce; developing security questionnaires for vendors;
  • hard disk encryption roll out;

Looking forward, the team would like to begin working on:

  • mobile device security management;
  • secure communication solutions.

We also discussed:

  • team membership, specifically how new members from other areas in LIS provide a good, less technical, perspective on the issues — especially training issues that might need to be covered;
  • potential implications of how the data ownership policies under consideration by College administration will impact privacy recommendations made by the team;
  • the idea of holding security workshops, possibly in conjunction with the Education and Training Team, focusing on:
    • cyber security; privacy;
    • eCommerce;
    • safe home network setup;
    • setting up wifi encryption at home;
    • the idea of holding security workshops at future LIS in-service days for staff (LIS and College-wide);
    • videotaping roadshows to use as web tutorials.

Lastly, we talked a bit about the team charge and scope, specifically:

  • whether the team should be involved in the physical security of data centers on campus;
  • hardening computers before distribution;
  • resources outside of LIS that may be able to assist with certain projects.

We then talked about the LIS holiday party, which will be 12/18, 4-6pm. Location almost finalized, but not quite so stay tuned.

We reviewed the Dec. calendar:

  • Tim Spears will join us for the 12/19 all-staff meeting;
  • January and February AD retreats will focus on budgets.

We discussed outcomes and next steps from the recent Policy Summit. Chris Norris will organize planning policy strategies, and review compliance and enforcement issues. We’ll hold another open meeting to discuss next steps on this.

Finally, we continued the discussion about LIS website maintenance and refreshing options in the post-Web Team environment. Dan Frostman will serve as a point person for website content managers, and for communicating with the Communications office on website issues. The ADs would like to see an annual content managers gathering to review content manager responsibilities and expectations. The first of such meetings will be scheduled for January.

Thanks for reading,

Doreen and Terry

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