AD 51 notes, May 3, 2012

Present:  Chris Norris, Terry Simpkins, Mary Backus, Doreen Bernier, Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Shel Sax
Guests: Brenda Ellis, Pij Slater, Mack Roark

We reviewed the calendar for May.  Here are some highlights:
May 4 – Optional All LIS Staff meeting – Mike Roy will be sharing his presentation given to the Board of Trustees at their February meeting in Monterey.
May 10 – Managers Meeting – Education and Training Team will lead a discussion about New LIS Employee Orientation.  A follow-up to management training will be discussed
May 16 – All LIS Staff meeting –  Tim Spears will join us to discuss College Strategic Planning and Directions
May 17 – Optional All LIS Staff meeting – Chris Norris will present an update on mission continuity planning efforts.
Memorial Day – the Library will be closed, including the helpdesk

The Education and Training Team joined the group to present their draft orientation document for new LIS employees. This document provides a checklist to assist LIS managers in orienting new staff to LIS and includes links to relevant resources.  The document is thorough and well-thought-out, which didn’t prevent the ADs from offering suggestions, including:

  • Include confidentiality and handbook/policy information
  • Include copyright and intellectual property information
  • Incorporate the style guide for “watermark” information, provided by Communications
  • Possibly modify the policies webpage to incorporate basic information for new employees
  • The team should talk with Susan Baldridge and H/R to link with their higher level strategic alignment work
  • The team should present this to the managers’ meeting for further discussion (e.g., is it complete? Where should this document reside (wiki, web)? etc.)
  • The AD group also suggested that the language for job descriptions outlining the minimal required technical skills/expectations for new employees should be crafted more generally, with a link to a document or web page with specific details.  This would streamline the process of keeping the requirements current (i.e., we could change language in one location on the web, rather than in each individual job description).

ADs approved name change for Telephone Services, which will henceforth be known as Telephone Services and Printer Management.  This will need to go to HR to make the necessary changes in Banner.

Thanks for reading
Terry & Doreen

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