Liaison Discussion Section: Migrating from Segue

Topic: Migrating from Segue: Common questions and how to answer them. Presented by Barbara Merz and Bryan Carson.
Who’s Invited: All liaisons and anyone else who is interested
When: Wednesday, March 21, from 9:30-11 am
Where: Wilson Media Lab, Davis Family Library

This will be a demo plus Q&A about what often happens (ie, what fixes are needed) when a site is transferred from Segue to WordPress or Moodle. It will be geared toward LIS staff who support these platforms.  Barbara will lead the WordPress portion of the workshop, and Bryan will lead the Moodle portion. Please send them any questions in advance ( and

“Liaison Discussion Section” meetings address research and/or technology topics of interest to liaisons. They can be conversations, or presentations, or both. They take place most often on the 3rd week of the month, but in order to allow people who work different hours to attend, they’re sometimes scheduled for different days/times.

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