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Last summer LIS started a program to recognize the accomplishments of LIS staff. Each month we recognize one LIS staff member of the month, an LIS “crew” of the month, and one LIS student employee of the month (see the list of recipients). We welcome recommendations and nominations from all areas of the College. Whether you’ve received exceptional support for a specific project or you want to highlight consistent and reliable service, please take a moment and submit a nomination. Log in and share some details about why the staff member or group deserves recognition: go/nominate. Many thanks to all who have already nominated!

2 thoughts on “Nominate LIS staff for recognition

  1. Holly Stark

    Bryan Carson is constantly mentioned in the Language Schools during meetings as the savior who helped out and/or who knows how to do something. The Coordinators of the Language Schools speak his name in praise regularly. It is not this month in particular when he gains recognition, but I am surprised by how frequently he is mentioned and appreciated.

    1. Jess Isler Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing this, Holly! It’s great to hear that Bryan is doing a wonderful job supporting the Language Schools. I hope you or your colleagues will consider submitting a nomination using the form online at Thanks again!


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