Class Photo Rosters now in the Course Hub

For more than a decade the Web Applications group and its predecessors have provided a popular “class photo roster” through the online directory to help instructors match names to faces. We are pleased to announce that as of today, the class photo roster is now a feature of the Course Hub.

As with the old version, the photo roster is only accessible to the instructor[s] of a course. We hope that by moving the photo roster into the Course Hub it will be easier to use and more readily accessible. While we don’t have a shutdown date yet, the old version of the photo roster will likely disappear when the online directory is next rebuilt (not until sometime after the current semester).

Faculty, please give this new feature a try (look for the Roster links in the Course Hub) and give us any feedback you may have.

2 thoughts on “Class Photo Rosters now in the Course Hub

  1. Jeff Lunstead

    How and to whom do we report an obvious mistake in the class photo roster? Both last semester and this semester I have a case of a male student with a photo of a female student. [Ed: removed personal info]


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