Weekly Web Development Round-up August 15-19, 2011

To give our colleagues a better idea of what’s changed in our web applications each week, we’ll be preparing this quick list for publication each Friday. Not all of the details of each change are included below, but we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments.


  • We switched from using an autocomplete field for choosing images in News stories to using a pop-up browser window some months ago. If you long for the days of using the autocomplete field, you can turn this back on by visiting your profile page in Drupal, clicking “Edit” in the Edit Console, selecting Interface Settings in the Edit Console and checking the “Use Autocomplete to Select Images” checkbox. This will eventually apply to choosing images for Profiles and Stories as well.
  • Links and images in Drupal News RSS feeds have been fixed to use an absolute URL which includes http://www.middlebury.edu. This should fix broken images in the content of news posts in the RSS feed.
  • The contents of the “media” field, which is usually an image or embedded video, have been added to the MIIS News RSS feed.
  • The MIIS site has a new theme, which will soon be used for their Executive Education Program and Center for the Blue Economy that features an image slider and drop-down navigation.
  • The Promotional Calendar content type, used to display calendars from 25Live, is now available on the MIIS site.
  • There is now a link to the Middlebury Museum of Art in the Quick Links section of the Middlebury site footer.
  • The RSS feeds for homepage stories on the Middlebury site now sort the featured stories (those that Communications has chosen to open automatically when you visit the homepage) to the top of the feed.
  • Module updates: webform, gravatar, views_random_seed

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