4 thoughts on “For when we get tired of putting books on the shelves…

  1. Brenda Ellis

    Love the kindle case – solves the problem of those who miss the feel of a real book in their hands. How many people recognize what books the Christmas tree is made of?

    1. Arabella Holzapfel

      Didn’t we move our NUC’s to Davis from Starr, and weren’t they still here until a couple of years ago after the great Z-weed? Or am I remembering a different many-many-volume set? (Now that space is where the new compact shelving is in the southeast corner of the Lower Level.)

  2. Janine McDonald

    That Christmas tree is fantastic! The book titles are certainly discreet…I thought it was “A Christmas Carol,” but no, when you look closer, you can read the title. I would never have guessed that one.
    What a fun site~~


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