Area 51 notes, Feb. 17, 2011

Present: Mike Lynch, Mary Backus, Danna Gianforte, Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Chris Norris, Shel Sax, Terry Simpkins and Doreen Bernier

  • The team discussed possible projects within LIS that could use the assistance of graduate interns.   Some thoughts and suggestions were to assess LIS communications and setup a system that would be sustainable after their employment term ended, assisting with cataloging of the Chinese gift, course management systems training, and network help.
  • Carol will distribute the 360 evaluation used by the teams to the ADs and these need to be completed by Friday, 2/18.
  • We discussed iPad support on campus. As the use of iPads and other mobile devices expand on campus, we need to be able to provide basic support and handle privacy & security issues. Chris Norris, will prepare a basic checklist and training instructions for the helpdesk staff and will assist in training efforts. We’ll also purchase additional iPads and mobile devices as appropriate for the Helpdesk and for each area to use in order to gain familiarity and provide support. We also need a policy explaining that we will be supporting connectivity issues, not individual applications. We discussed the idea of a formal users group as a place where users can ask questions not covered by the Helpdesk. We discussed creating a task force to test new mobile device operating system.
  • The ADs continued their discussion about security policies presented last week by Ian Burke. We decided that the change management policy needs further review and revision, along with the incident response and monitoring policy. The ADs are tasked with closely reviewing these documents and will discuss it further at the AD meeting in two weeks.

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Terry & Doreen

4 thoughts on “Area 51 notes, Feb. 17, 2011

  1. Barbara Merz

    I always find these interesting. Is would be even better if there was a posting soon (days?)after each “Area 51” meeting. It would give us more chance to comment on current issues. Thanks.

  2. Terry Simpkins

    Thanks Barbara. I agree 100%; this one was particularly delayed. I’ll try to get them posted sooner!

  3. Arabella Holzapfel

    Does “change management policy” refer to the process we go through when we decide there’s something we don’t have the resources to do anymore? That’s the only context in which I remember that phrase, but I don’t see how that is a security concern.

  4. Terry Simpkins

    @Arabella: No, we’re referring to the formal process of requesting (primarily) things like major system upgrades – there’s an actual form and review process to make sure testing, communication, backup, and fall-back systems are in place before proceeding with any changes that affect a large number of campus users. Some of these changes may indeed have security concerns. This is not the same as the fabled “not-to-do” list!


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