Change to Print Journal Discard Policy

For many years, the library has sent withdrawn and discarded copies of certain print journals to specific community members and departments who had requested them. Altogether, we have been tracking and distributing discarded issues for over 50 journal titles in this manner.

We are sorry to announce that we can no longer sustain this activity.  Effective immediately, we will be recycling all of our withdrawals and discards in a consistent fashion, which will relieve our staff of the burden of checking discard lists, separating out certain titles, and arranging with their intended recipients for shipment or pickup.  While we understand that this activity was appreciated by everyone who received discarded journal issues, we hope that our need to streamline processes as much as as we can in order to focus on our core activities is also evident and understood by the Middlebury community.

Thank you,

Terry Simpkins, LIS Director of Research & Collection Services (x5045)

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