Farewell and Be Well

Today is my last day. Wishing you all well in your future endeavors – I will miss working with you all. If you’re around this afternoon, please stop by – refreshments will be served in 250A. :-)

8 thoughts on “Farewell and Be Well

  1. Janine McDonald

    Farewell Elin!! I have a strong hunch that you will not be here, but you will surely not be forgotten!!! I wish you everything wonderful in your new life ahead in southern Vermont. You will savor your free time with your husband, so have a blast!! Visit us too!! Janine

  2. Pij

    All the best to you, Elin, in your new adventures. I will miss your calm, even temperament… with that extra special twist. – Pij

  3. kate

    Elin, it’s hard, Nay, impossible to imagine life at the library without you. But i can easily imagine your new life, whatever it is you may be doing — I know it will be a grand adventure! Be well! -kate


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