Strategies for Selecting Technologies

As the Curricular Technology team has been researching platforms to replace Segue, we have been trying to define some strategies for selecting technologies and then making the case for a particular selection criteria.   The first strategy we have published is related to open source and open standards.

In a nutshell, the team has taken the position that we favor “open source technologies because they allow LIS designers and developers to integrate such technologies with other systems on campus including other open source projects.”  As well, the team has taken the position that it favors “technologies that use open standards because they help to prevent lock in to a given application or vendor.”

Its important to note that this preference for open source and open standards does not preclude the use of proprietary software or formats, particularly if proprietary solutions better meet the needs of the college community.  Find out more at:

Segue from Segue » Technology Sources and Standards

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  1. Alex Chapin Post author

    Thanks for noting broken link. The link should be what you indicate above and I have gone ahead and fixed. The link shouldn’t require log in, the Segue from Segue blog should be publicly accessible.


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