Banner 8 “Go Live” schedule

Draft schedule & activities

Mon, 2/15/10 (or earlier)
ICU, Cobol, C compilers installed
Production db schema passwords updated
new database created
profile language params set

Wed, 2/17/10
8:30pm — Production no longer available for updates
create clone for reporting (based on Wednesday data)
refresh PreProd db
stop cron jobs


shutdown Prod and PreProd dbs
consistent cold backup
code tree backup

start parallel database extracts

Thu, 2/18/10
run NLS semantic script
start parallel database imports
import constraints and indexes
verify new database
10:00am –> late evening
start software code upgrades
start PreProd db for user access

Fri, 2/19/10
morning –> late evening
continue software code upgrades

Sat, 2/20/10
morning –> afternoon/evening<?>
finish software code upgrades
standalone backup of new database
phone tree to tech & functional leads to begin testing

Monday, 2/22/10
database available for all users

9:30pm shutdown PNTR and PPRD

One thought on “Banner 8 “Go Live” schedule

  1. Jeff Rehbach

    LEADS meeting notes, 12/21/09
    – moratorium on code changes week of 2/14/10
    – MIIS payroll handled as early as possible on Wednesday
    – end of Midd drop/add period
    (encourage students to get cards in by Wednesday noon)
    (course directory listings won’t be updated till week of 2/21)
    – public safety will need to be notified about access to Banner
    – we’ll try at system level to set PPRD to be read-only on Th-Fri-Sat
    (if something goes wrong with upgrade, we’ll restore from PPRD)
    – no BannerWeb access on Thu-Fri-Sat
    – if reports run on Th-Fri-Sat, edit reports that point to Production to run against Reporting db (or else they’ll fail to run)
    – won’t be able to run reports out of job submission during upgrade
    – if ready on Saturday, turn on cron jobs


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