ADA access to Main Lib Storrs Ave door for the general public.

Starting on Monday, November 1st, LIS will begin accepting applications from the general public who require ADA access to the Storrs Ave. doors at the Main Library.  We are doing this because experts have determined that our current mode of access may not be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.   Members of the public who do not have a relationship with the College may ask for an application at the Main Lib Circulation Desk.  Applications will be accepted at the Circ Desk and forwarded to LIS Administration for processing.  In order to qualify for access, applicants must show proof of having received a Disabled Persons placard or car registration from a state government.  Qualified applicants will be issued an access card that will allow them to enter and exit the Storrs Ave. doors when the library is open to the public.

This is only for guests of the college.  Students who need such access apply to the ADA office and faculty/staff apply to HR.

Staff will continue to let individuals in or out of the Storrs Ave doors on an as needed basis, but now regular users of the library who qualify will have the option of entering and exiting themselves without assistance from staff.

Doreen, Elin, and Joseph have been working with Facilities Services and Public Safety on the details of the arrangements for several months.  While the solution that is being implemented is flawed, it is none-the-less something we must do.    We do not expect there to be a significant number of qualified people receiving  access cards.

There is a brochure at the Info Desk with general ADA info in it.  Anyone who routinely encounters library users should take a minute to review that information.

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