Eating our own dogfood… yum

The current tagline for the Curricular Technology blog is “eating our own dogfood… yum.” I recently changed this from “That’s Team with a capital T, baby!” in consultation with Bryan Carson.

The phrase, eating one’s own dogfood is frequently used by technology companies to indicate that employees in these companies use the software they are developing.  This is done for various reasons including helping to test the software, gain familarity with the products being developed, expressing confidence in the product and so on.

Responding to the Curricular Technology Blog Tagline survey is a good example of eating one’s own dogfood.  The survey was created with Google Apps which we have used quite a bit in our team work.  The survey is essentially a form that is linked to a spreadsheet.  It’s a great way to quickly gather information from others and can evolve as responses come in.  For example, as others submit tagline suggestions, the form can be updated to include these new suggestions and also people to rate them.

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