Video on Drupal

I’ve added the Video Filter module to all of our Drupal pre-production instances to help those of you who are testing Drupal or doing preliminary content development on those servers. You can use this module to include video from one of the 15 sources that it accepts out of the box, like YouTube, Google Video, and Vimeo.

This uses the format [video:URL width:X height:Y align:left/right autoplay:1/0]. For example:

[video: width:300 height:350]

I also extended this by creating the MiddMedia Video Filter module which uses the same syntax as the Video Filter module, but allows you to add videos from our local streaming media server, which supports flv and mp4 video as well as mp3 audio. All the optional parameters work for the videos, but you can’t set them for the audio player. For example:

[video: width:400 height:300] [video:] [video:]

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