Notes from LIS All-staff Meeting

LIS Staff Meeting
Friday October 24, 2008
Harmon Reading Room


1. Announcements (5 minutes)

  • LIS Holiday Party: Dec. 18, 3pm-5 PM in the lobby
  • Jeff is making progress on the Annual Report
  • Welcome Jim Beauchemin, new Manager of the Help Desk!
  • Web makeover project launched; see
  • Print management project underway; stay tuned for details!
  • Goals for 08-09 : beyond what we’ve always done, what new things are we going to do (projects, changes in policy, improvements to spaces, etc. )

2. College Budget and the LIS Budget (10 minutes)

  • Please do try to attend Patrick Norton’s presentation of our financial situation at Dana Auditorium from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 12.
  • submit ideas about how to save money to the budget group (need url)
  • All travel needs to now be approved by Area Directors
  • Hiring freeze means that we will need to focus even more intently on being more efficient in how we do things, and in making sure that we are working on the right things.
  • This is a fluid situation: ADs are creating a list of possible areas for savings to avoid ad hoc decisions. We are trying to be creative and do things that will have the least impact on our users, and which will advance other goals (e.g. print management, student dialtone, software licensing via keyserver–> need YOUR creativity and ideas

3. Re-organization Update

Initial thinking of the main areas of LIS is:

user services
collection management
infrastructure & systems
enterprise systems
academic resources and technology

We will be meeting with people who would be most directly affected by these changes (Judy’s group, Tom’s group) to talk about our ideas and the questions we have, and to give people a chance to have input into the decision and provide feedback. Look for posts on the re-org site soon!

Upcoming Open Sessions to Discuss Re-structuring:

11/17 from 11-12 in Harmon

11/18 from 3:30-4:30 in Harmon

12/3 from 6:30-7:30 in LIB

Deadline for SWOT analyses is Monday November 3rd.

We’ll be doing LIS-wide business process analysis in the spring; what that actually means to follow.
4. Brainstorming and critiquing team proposals (40 minutes)

  • break-up into groups of 8 (spread out within library)
  • appoint a facilitator and notetaker (separate person)
  • for 20 minutes, discuss existing proposals for teams (good idea? bad idea? what’s missing? what’s confusing? what questions need to be answered about how this team would function? ) and also brainstorm ideas for new teams
  • notetaker posts comments and ideas for new teams to the re-structuring blog
  • go around the room and collect from each group 1 or 2 ideas for new teams (10 minutes
  • We need these notes posted. If you were the notetaker, please POST asap.

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