Liebowitz Day Schedule

Events are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers, who are known for their utter unpredictability.

12AM: Pre-party at 2 bros

9 AM: Pajama Pancake Breakfast (Proctor)

10 AM: Penny Pinching Contest (Proctor)

11AM – 1PM: Fundraising luncheon and Handshaking contest (Ross/Ron’s safety deposit box)
$10/broken plate – all proceeds go to the continued financial pleasures of the Ronald

2:00 PM: Easter Egg Hunt (3 South St. – Casa de Liebowitz)

2:30 PM: Annual “5K”/Fun Run Loafer Race (ADK -> Old Chapel)

4 – 5 PM:  Where in the World is Ronald Liebowitz?– hide and seek (recently emptied endowment vault)

7 PM: Formal Take out Dinner: McDonalds and Liebowitz Honda Pilot (RVSP soon – only 7 seats)

8 PM: After Dinner Drinks & Conversation. Topic: “Geopolitical and economic effects of Vodka consumption in  Soviet Russia” (Old Chapel Cupola)

8:30 – 11 PM: Come see Ron dance the night away at Sepomana (go/sepomana)
Featured Artists: Das Racist, Free Energy, Oberhofer and The Ivory’s

11 PM: Super Secret Liebowitz Day After Party (Location: TBD)

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