Liebowitz Day 4 is Coming ….

You Have Questions…

“What is Liebowitz Day?”, you may ask yourself.

“Why do we celebrate it?”, you may wonder.

“What is this Liebowitz to which we pour endless libations?”, you may enquire.

Look no longer for answers.

Search no more for clarifications.

Rack your brain no longer for explanations.

Read on, and embrace the glory of Liebowitz Day 2011.

…We Have Answers.

Liebowitz Day is Friday, April 22nd, 2011.

Liebowitz Day is like Christmas, your birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day all at the same time (imagine yourself simultaneously as Jesus and an Irish Jew and you may begin to understand)

Liebowitz Day is the best day of your life.

We celebrate Liebowitz Day as a tribute to the storied achievements of Ronald D. Liebowitz.

We celebrate Liebowitz Day to honor the captivating personality and rugged good looks of “The Ronald”.

We celebrate Liebowitz Day because we can.

This Liebowitz is an exotic bat-hunter, a Siberian tiger breeder, a Russian spirits specialist, and Middlebury College President-extraordinaire.

This Liebowitz is a towering genius; a star of stars; an immortal amongst mere mortals; a God amongst men.

This Liebowitz is Soviet mastermind, Kremlin power-broker, and Brooklyn native Ronald D. Liebowitz.

He is, the most interesting man in the world.