Final Program including Presentations (PDF)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Opening Remarks (8:45am)

Session I [8:45am-10:00am, 5 talks; MBH 216; probable session moderator Eric Jensen (Swarthmore)]

  • Hunter Vannier (Wesleyan): Honey I Shrunk the Heliosphere! Using Hubble to Look Back at the Sun’s Historical Trajectory Through the Local Interstellar Medium
  • Karla Núñez (Middlebury): Do Chaos, Domes, Pits, and Spots Contribute to Changing Morphology of Europa’s Ridges?
  • Aidan Pidgeon (Dickinson), Bailey Piotrowski (Vassar): Determining the Viability of KELT Exoplanet Candidates
  • Jay Chittidi (Vassar): An Updated Catalog of Cool Dwarf Targets for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Using Gaia DR2 Parallaxes
  • Connor Marti (Williams): Revised Exoplanet Radii Using Gaia Data Release 2

Poster Introductions [10:00am-10:15am; MBH 216]

Posters and Refreshments, see below

Session II [10:45am-12:00pm, 5 talks; MBH 216; probable session moderator Meredith Hughes (Wesleyan)]

  • Matthieu Chalifour (Swarthmore): A Kinematically Unbiased Sample of Candidate Nearby Young Stars
  • Jocelyne Andrade (Colgate), Rhys Manley (Swarthmore), Allison Quintana (Wesleyan), Nicole Tan (Wellesley): Multi-Epoch Spectroscopy of DQ Tau, V826 Tau, and UZ Tau E
  • Graham Doskoch (Swarthmore): Deriving Temperature Distributions and Mass-Loss Rates from Shocks in Massive Stars’ Winds
  • David Vizgan (Wesleyan): Measuring the Mass of a Brown Dwarf in the Debris Disk of HD 206893
  • Diego Garcia (Middlebury): Determining the Evolutionary Status of the Disk Surrounding HD 166191

Lunch and Breakout Sessions, see below

Session III [1:45pm-3:00pm, 5 talks; MBH 216; probable session moderator Seth Redfield (Wesleyan)]

  • Benjamin Martinez (Wesleyan): Searching for Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies
  • Sadie Coffin (Middlebury), Karina Cooper (Swarthmore): Identifying Intrinsic X-ray Source Population Groupings in External Galaxies: Astronomical Uses for Machine Learning
  • Gilberto Garcia (Wesleyan): From Einstein to Chandra: An Exploration of Highly Variable AGN
  • David Robinson (Swarthmore): “Dark Fluid” Cosmology

Posters and Refreshments, see below

Session IV [3:30pm-4:30pm, 4 talks; MBH 216; probable session moderator Eilat Glikman (Middlebury)]

  • Kayla Nowak (Lycoming): Correlation Function and Redshift Distortion of the Matter Power Spectrum
  • Ethan Lopes (Williams): Saturation Correction and Standard Normalization Techniques for Isotopic Abundance Analysis
  • Chloe Shi (Wellesley): The Development of an Electrostatic Probe for a Miniature Ion Thruster Internal Discharge Chamber

Concluding Remarks (4:30pm)

Poster Sessions (10:15am-10:45am attended, 3:00pm-3:30pm unattended, MBH Great Hall, 15 posters)

  • Katie Chapman (Colgate): Likelihood Analysis of Gamma Ray Emission from the Massive Star Cluster Westerlund 1
  • Diego Espino (Middlebury): Comparisons of the Seismic Properties of the Sun During Solar Cycles 23 and 24
  • Nicole Ford (Williams): Imaging Green Pea Galaxies
  • Michael Henderson (Wesleyan): High Precision Photometry of Faint White Dwarf Stars from K2 Data
  • Aaron Hersch (Swarthmore): Characterizing the Orbital Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks in Binary Systems
  • John Inoue (Williams): How Old Are These Green Peas?
  • Christian Lockwood (Williams): Images and Analysis of the Great American Eclipse
  • Jacob Pilawa (Colgate): EDGES: Radial Star Formation Histories of NGC4143 and UGC07639
  • Hallie Pimperl (Wellesley), Emma Chickles (Wellesley): Models and Observations of the Crater Modification Sequence on the Moon and Mars
  • Lekshmi Rajagopal (Colgate), Eric Roels (Colgate), Rishi Lohar (Colgate), & Jacob Pilawa (Colgate): The Timescales of the Optical Variability of Blazar OJ 287
  • Alina Sabyr (Colgate): Gamma-Ray Bursts: Probes of the Early Universe
  • Maura Shea (Wellesley): Black Hole Imaging with Space-Based Telescopes
  • Erin Snoddy (Swarthmore): Conducting Exoplanet Transit Follow-Up Observations for KELT at Swarthmore College’s Peter van de Kamp Observatory
  • Janel Williams (Wellesley): Sloshing Galaxies in the Most Massive Gravitationally Bound Structures in the Universe
  • Ross Yu (Williams), Christian Lockwood (Williams): Williams College Expedition to the Willamette Valley, Oregon, to Observe the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Meteorological Measurements and Analysis

Faculty Lunchtime Breakout Sessions (12:30pm-1:30pm, 4 sessions, MBH 104/219/220/338)

  • Kevin Flaherty (Williams): Bayesian Statistics & Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  • Seth Redfield (Wesleyan): Applying to Graduate School and What to Expect in the First Year
  • Kristina Punzi (Wellesley): Communicating Science
  • Colette Salyk (Vassar): Equity and Inclusion in Astronomy

note: only presenters are listed, additional co-authors and research advisors listed in the proceedings

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