5 thoughts on “Idea of place poems

  1. Brian Isbell

    On Newness and Cleanness: City Beautiful.

    In those swamps lay an army of frogs
    defeated. Concrete lots, overhead sidewalks
    connect the parking dots, purifying destruction.
    Shining glass, showcasing unchecked capitalism
    on the buffed floors. Robots sweeping, manning
    surveillance cameras. Sterile yet void of authenticity.
    The throne of the shopping mall kings and queens.
    So fresh and so clean, clean.

  2. Clifton Bueno de Mesquita

    Here’s our romantic poem inspired by Vermont’s own Green Mountains.

    I wake up and look to the east,
    the mountains I see for my eyes are a feast.
    So grand, so tall, so long, so vast,
    and over the course of time they last.
    Alone, I venture into the wild expanse,
    with nothing but my shirt and pants.
    The landscape strikes me with wonder and awe;
    my mind was saturated with the beauty I saw.
    I feel so insignificant in this mountainous land,
    as time flies by, alone I stand.
    To describe what I see, the words I lack,
    perhaps it is time to journey back.

    ~Cliff, Mike, Elsa

  3. Tracy Kugler Post author

    I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have enough groups to have one working on Tuan’s last topic, Gigantic and Bizarre. To rectify the situation, here is my contribution:

    Folks of a town on an old rail line
    Thought to make the town square very fine
    Put our town on the map,
    The next great tourist trap,
    What we need is a big ball of twine!

  4. Sierra Young

    On Classical Appeal:

    “Lost in Lower Manhattan”
    Oh, night, all these headlights, this grid it seems so right.
    From high in the sky, we know exactly why, from order you can’t go awry.
    Central Park: with its perfectly-measured marks,
    Old Penn Station: on-time trains giving off sparks.

    South of canal, chaos ensues!
    The grid disappears and subway stops
    are nowhere to be found.

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