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Reading suggestions

Since this is a new and evolving course, I would like your input about the selection of readings.

Which readings did you particularly enjoy?

Which readings did you find less enjoyable/interesting/relevant that you might suggest removing or replacing for future versions of the course?

Have you found readings in the course of your annotated bibliography/final paper research that might be appropriate and interesting for inclusion in future versions of the course?  (If so, please include a complete citation so I can find it!)

Welcome to Human-Environment Interactions!

Welcome!  This semester we will be exploring a variety of aspects of human-environment interactions.  I use the word “exploring” deliberately.  The topic of human-environment interactions is vast, and we will be only scratching the surface in this course.  I hope to provide you with a framework you can refer to in thinking about human-environment interactions and give you an entry point into the topic.  Beyond that, we will be exploring together, and I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to dig in to aspects that most interest you.