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Here is a group of festivals that students might consider entering – the FMMC department cannot speak to the quality of these festivals, but rather just offers links for students to consider. If FMMC majors are interested in submitting to this or other festivals, speak with the FMMC chair as we can help fund the entry fees.

The United Film Festivals are calling for your films!  Film festivals are an excellent way for young filmmakers to gain exposure and to make contacts.  We would like to encourage you to share the following with your student body!
The United Film Festivals are where art and creativity come together to create a united film community.  Showcasing films which reflect a wide range of topics and experiences, the festival’s focus is to bring together talented filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, thus creating a “United” showcase of creative energy and talent.
The 6th annual Tulsa United Film Festival concluded our 2008 season which was our biggest and best one yet.  So to continue the excitement we’re thrilled to announce that after two successful years of running United Film Festivals in Los AngelesNew York we are expanding again to include San FranciscoChicagoLondon in 2009..  With this growth our rich tradition of screening humorous, touching and sometimes provocative films will be reaching a much wider audience.  This is one film festival you won’t want to miss!
*This season we will be screening more films and an equal number of narrative & documentary feature length films.
UNITED Specials
Short Films (Under 30 min.)
3 Festivals = $35 ($11.66 each)
6 Festivals = $50 ($8.34 each)
Feature Length Films (Over 30 min.)
3 Festivals = $65 ($21.66 each)
6 Festivals = $110 ($18.34 each)
*You choose the cities for the 3-festival package!
**If you’ve already submitted to one of our 2009 festivals, and are interested in one of these specials, contact us and we’ll deduct the amount you’ve spent.
Individual Submissions
Special Deadline ($15 Short Films) ($25 Feature Length Films)
Early Deadline ($20 Short Films) ($30 Feature Length Films)
Regular Deadline ($25 Short Films) ($35 Feature Length Films)
Extended Deadline ($45 Short Films) ($55 Feature Length Films)
*Check individual festival websites for submission deadlines.
Festival & Submission Links
Los Angeles United Film Festival – http://www.losangelesunitedfest.com

– May 2009

San Francisco United Film Festival – http://www.sanfranciscounitedfest.com

– June 2009

Tulsa United Film Festival – http://www.tulsaunitedfest.com

– July 2009

Chicago United Film Festival – http://www.chicagounitedfest.com

– August 2009

New York United Film Festival – http://www.newyorkunitedfest.com

– October 2009

London United Film Festival – http://www.londonunitedfest.com

– November 2009

Submission Flyer
United Film Festival Submission Flyer – http://www.theunitedfest.com/United_Submissions_Flyer_09.pdf

This is a good opportunity for FMMC students to get work seen at a regional festival:

The Skidmore International Student Film Festival kicks off its sophomore year in 2009. All genres are being accepted and competition is for currently-enrolled students only. The entry fee is only $15. The final deadline is March 13th. See the website for application information.

The Ivy Film Festival started in 2001 as a place for undergraduate and graduate filmmakers to share their work, and interact with other student filmmakers as well as established figures in the film industry. The 2009 Ivy Film Festival will take place from April 20th through the 26th, at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We present selected films and screenplays to a wide audience, and a panel of celebrity judges (including directors, producers, writers, and agents) views the best selections from the festival.

Please submit films (short or feature length) and/or screenplays (short or long form) to the 2009 Ivy Film Festival online or through the mail. The deadlines are as follows:

Late deadline (February 14, 2009):
First film or screenplay submission – $30
Additional submissions – $15

Without A Box Extended deadline (February 21, 2009):
First film or screenplay submission – $45
Additional submissions – $20

If there are any questions, then feel free to email us at iffpublicity2009@gmail.com. Thank you!

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FMMC’s Digital Media Intern Sam Morrill has written and directed a film, La Milagrosa, which will be screened in Dana Auditorium, 8 pm on Tuesday Jan. 27th. We hope to see many of you there!


In the latest issue of Middlebury’s career services newsletter, there’s a profile of Ed Bogart ’02, who has worked in television production since graduation. Some good advice for climbed the post-production ladder!

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