To White America

To White America- if you have been programmed since birth by the media, your family, your friends, your schools, your churches and places of worship, your work and your government, your national myths and your culture to be racist, to harbor racist stereotypes and racist sentiments against people of color, how can we, those you despise and discriminate against, deprogram you to see us as individuals, as human beings? The programming has been strong enough that even we have internalized the racism at times, but we cannot save you from yourselves. We have tried, but ultimately it is you who has to confront your own demons. When you, White America, are ready to have an honest conversation with yourself and reflect upon the ways you are racist, or at the very least maintain a racist paradigm, then we will be ready to work and talk with you about creating a truly non-oppressive society. We will be waiting.

– Bobby Joe Smith III

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