“Fan Works”

Pretty difficult to pick from the hundreds and hundreds of fan works and remixes that I’ve seen on the internet over time (let alone remember all of them), so here’s a few that immediately come to mind.  I also can’t get the embeds to work so we’re just going to have to link to them.

“H.O.O.D. Fridays”

This first is an advertisement for Kanye’s new album as if it was a gangster rap album (spoiler: it’s not) and he had a street team to work it’s promotion from the ground up.  It’s pretty vulgar, but also hilarious.

Chris Farley Interviews Paul McCartney

A classic.  Farley parodies the stereotypical obsessive fanboy.

Vuvuzela Hero

I’d hesitate to call this a “fan work”, but it’s short and hey, close enough.