Reading 11/29 (is it really almost December??!?)

Our readings (and/or listenings) for today discuss extensions of television texts to different forms on the internet.  It was difficult to tell exactly what point the author of the webisode article was making because of his/her mix of internet and parallel-universe-academia jargon; I had to look up a few things like “IMHO” and “wrt”, and “storydwelling” and “storyforming” are not actually terms with a circulation in academic discourse, are they?  I see that these words are part of the blog’s subheading, so I assume they would make sense to me if I read this blog regularly.  Anyway, I think the blogger’s point is the webisodes are sort of stupid and ultimately will never be a successful form because they are an example of TV folks trying to make a bite-sized version of the form they’re familiar with work on the internet, which is an environment where the rules are not the same.  I’m not exactly sure what he/she is proposing or would propose as a better internet extension (official ones, that is) of TV shows.

The Heroes discussion was interesting, though I just read the summary rather than listen to the whole thing.  I had no idea that the first season of Heroes DVDs was the best-selling box set of all time!  Surprising.  Though I guess that season was actually pretty compelling, fun television — my memory of it has become tainted by the way the show derailed itself quickly afterwards, provoking me to stop watching (and this was before the writers allegedly really shit the bed during seasons 3 and onward).  lol!