Retirement Transitions

Individuals who end employment after having worked for Middlebury in a benefits-eligible status for a minimum of ten years past the age of forty-five qualify as “Middlebury Retirees”.

Name Type Retirement Date Department
Anthony Desautels Staff 6/1/2018 Sciences Tech Support Services
Peter Mackey Staff 6/22/2018 Snow Bowl
Laurel Jordan Staff 6/30/2018 Chaplain’s Office
Mireille McWilliams Faculty 6/30/2018 French
Andrea Olsen Faculty 6/30/2018 Dance
Burke Rochford Faculty 6/30/2018 Religion
Christopher Shaw Faculty 6/30/2018 Creative Writing
Helen Young Faculty 6/30/2018 Biology
Jane Bushey Anderson Staff 7/10/2018 Dining Services
Dean Leary Staff 7/11/2018 Bookstore

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