July EFAP News- Personal Resiliency

Empower Your Personal Resilience

Life’s only true constant is change. Change can result from negative life scenarios such as divorce, illness, theft, death of a loved one, or chronic illness. However, change may also be the consequence of positive life adjustments for instance, marriage, a new child, a personal or career accomplishment, or health improvement. Since many of life’s circumstances are beyond our control, our best defense is a great offense. Good or bad, it can be helpful to prepare for major life changes.

Personal Resiliency Plan for Life Changes
It is okay to take a moment. Draw a few deep breaths. Be mindful of the present circumstances and let it all sink in.

If the change is good, embrace that. Be grateful. Life is like a roller coaster, so enjoy the fun ride down the hill when something good happens. Hug, smile, laugh, and maybe even when the time is right, find a way to pay the “good” forward.

If the change is bad and you are on the scary uphill climb of life’s roller coaster, it is okay to be sad and upset. Acknowledge the bad, but don’t let this circumstance own you. Research ways to improve the situation, seek guidance from experts or counselors, obtain an objective opinion from a trusted friend, and if possible, use time as a trusted friend. Some decisions (such as health concerns) may require quick responses, but many decisions may benefit from thorough research, evaluation, and time.

Make the best decisions and life choices that you can with the knowledge you have. Objective evaluations help us to not repeat negative patterns. Be proud of your strong character and growing resiliency.

Webinar: This month be sure to register and attend the webinar, Identity Theft Protection and Self Help. Learn more about how identity theft happens, and how you can prevent it from happening to you. A full description and registration information is listed in the sidebar to the right. If you’re unable to attend you can log on to the website at a later time to view the archived presentation.


Wednesday, July 25th


Identity theft has become a fact of life for many Americans. This seminar reviews how it occurs, strategies for prevention and tips for recognizing “Red Flags.” We will also cover action steps to take if identify theft happens to you. A checklist and resources to prevent, protect, and recover are provided to participants.


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