New Students and the Community Photo Exhibit in Middlebury Institute Samson Center

Thanks to a 5,000 grant from PhotoWings, the Middlebury Institute Committee for Art in Public Places (CAPP) is proud to showcase a 10-story photo narrative following the local connections of our students. Photos show the friendships, volunteer and work experiences, as well as past times of MIIS students that connects them with people outside of the MIIS campus in the local and regional community.

The exhibit will be on display for approximately 1 year. A related exhibit will showcase other local connections and approaches that are part of the MIIS mission including the focus on sustainable community development practiced by the MIIS-alumni developed Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development and the Spanish Language course developed by Gabriel Guillen that led to Team Tandem connections between MIIS and South County native Spanish speakers. The photographer for the exhibit is TLM ’19 candidate, Hanqui Wang.

To learn more about the exhibit and the MIIS CAPP, visit