Seeking Staff Members for Environmental Council

The Environmental Council is seeking 2 to 3 more staff members for 2017-2018.

The Environmental Council is comprised of students, faculty and staff (total of about 24 people – roughly two-thirds students and one third staff and faculty). The primary role of the EC is to advise the President on policy and practices related to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The EC also conducts projects or campaigns to address issues that are not otherwise being addressed. It is co-chaired by the director of the Office of Sustainability Integration and a faculty member.

The EC meets once a month at 4:30 pm on Mondays (usually at the Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest). It does its work through committees which meet as needed in between the monthly meetings. The focus for the coming year will be on engaging the college community in a discussion of putting a price on carbon emissions and what the college’s long term goals should be regarding renewable energy sourcing and carbon emissions. Other topics may also be added.

For more information about the EC contact Jack Byrne at 802 443 5043,