Thanks for donating to the Winter Clothing Closet 2016

mittensIn this time of giving thanks, International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) and the Commons Residential Advisors (CRAs) want to thank members of the Middlebury College and local communities for their generous donations to our 2016 Winter Clothing Closet, held in late October.  More than 90 students who will experience a Vermont winter for the first time attended this successful event.  Many First-Year and Exchange students as well as Transfers and Teaching Assistants walked away with smiles on their faces and essential items in hand to help them survive the long winter ahead.

Thank you for being part of this more-than-20-year tradition.  The students who attended were grateful for your contributions– and the thank you notes written in many languages on our sign-out board were a testament to that.  We kept a stash of of the leftovers for the “clothing closet” in ISSS for students to tap in the coming months. (We think some students haven’t realized yet how cold it will REALLY be!) We also donated several bags of the remaining, high-quality items to a local agency in town.

We are grateful for your participation in this important event that provided a “warm” welcome to students who are still in the process of making Middlebury home.

~The ISSS Team (Kathy Foley, Kas Singh, Joani Taylor, Carolyn Dahm, & Kirsten McNeill ’18) and the 2016-17 CRAs (Henrik Gundersen, Katie Linder, Diku Rogers, Alice Wang & Steve Zatarain)