Holiday Pay Time Entry Reminder

As we near the holiday season, it is time to review procedures regarding time entry during the November and December breaks.  Hourly (non-exempt) employees must use specific holiday pay codes to record time during the designated breaks; exempt (salaried) employees do not have to use special codes.  The 2013 holiday schedule is:

Thanksgiving Break: 12:01 a.m. Thursday, November 28, through 11:59 p.m. Saturday, November 30

December Break: 5:01 p.m. Friday, December 20 through 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, January 1 (the College reopens Thursday, January 2, 2014)

Hourly Employees:  There are two hourly employees pay codes – Holiday Pay and Holiday Pay Premium – that are used only during the designated holiday periods:

Holiday Pay (HOL): A benefit that is provided by Middlebury College to keep benefit-eligible employees’ pay whole without having to use CTO during designated holiday periods. It is not intended to provide extra pay. HOL, which pays at an employee’s regular hourly rate, is to be entered for normally scheduled hours by non-exempt benefit eligible employees on days during the specified holiday break periods whether or not they work.  For the Thanksgiving break, up to two days may be entered, for the December break, up to eight days may be used.  Employees who work variable or flexible schedules should coordinate entry of HOL with their supervisor to determine the appropriate number of HOL hours.

Holiday Pay Premium (HPP): A benefit that pays eligible non-exempt employees extra for working during the designated holiday periods. HPP, which pays at time-and-a-half the employee’s base hourly rate, is to be used by all eligible employees for hours worked during the specified holiday break periods. A limited number of part-time non-benefit eligible employees (such as those who work at the Snow Bowl, as the Snow Bowl is open for regular business during the December break) are not eligible for HPP. Please speak with your supervisor or Human Resources if you have questions regarding your status or eligibility for HPP.

Exempt Employees: The Holiday Pay code will be automatically entered for regularly scheduled time; no additional action is required.

For both hourly and exempt employees, standard pay codes (Regular, CTO, etc.) should be used for any time off before the start of the breaks and/or after 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the breaks.

Here is a guide which shows the appropriate time entry action for most situations: 

  Who Worked on a Holiday Who Did Not Work on a Holiday
Hourly benefit-eligible staff Enter Holiday Pay for
any normally scheduled hours AND Enter Holiday Pay
Premium for hours actually worked.*
Enter Holiday Pay for
any normally scheduled hours.
Hourly non-benefit-eligible staff Enter Holiday Pay
Premium for hours actually worked.*
No action.
Hourly non-benefit-eligible staff in positions designated as ineligible for HPP Enter Regular for hours
actually worked.*
No action.
Salaried, exempt staff No action. No action.  Holiday Pay code will default in during

* Remember to enter hours on the correct shift.

Please contact Human Resources if you have additional questions regarding time entry of HOL or HPP.